London Agreement Patent Validation

The validation process generally includes a high-quality, technically qualified translation of all or part of the patent, payment of taxes and filing of documents within a specified period, usually three months from the date of European issuance. In Denmark, France (see the judgment of the Paris Court of Appeal of 14 April 2010), Iceland, in Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland/AuBed and the United Kingdom, the new rules also apply to European patents issued before 1 May 2008 and amended that day (published in the European Patent Journal) in opposition, appeal or prescription procedures (referred to in the European Patent Journal). The same applies to Hungary if a European patent was issued before 1 January 2011 and was amended on that date as part of the objection, appeal or statute of limitation procedure. The simple act of providing clients with an estimate of a possible ep validation procedure could take days for a patent lawyer. Ip Centrum`s advanced technology means it can be achieved in seconds. Patent lawyers no longer need to teach, manage, hunt and associate individual agents throughout Europe. Instead, they click a button, see their progress live on IP Centrum`s state-of-the-art web monitoring system and pay a single bill, reducing the time from days or weeks to minutes. This has led to high translation costs for patent holders, reduced incentives to file a European patent and, as many have argued, the situation has weighed on the competitiveness of the European economy in relation to the situation in the United States (see also the EU`s Lisbon Strategy). It may be necessary to submit a translation of the entire patent into a country`s national language if the patent is in use in that country. These countries no longer need a translation of the patent to validate the patent issued in that country.

The IP Centrum team specialises in the validation of European patents, which means that the risk of misunderstandings, unexpected costs or, of course, the unthinkable risk of accidental patent loss is greatly reduced due to the complexity and constant evolution of regulations throughout Europe. Of course, the cost reductions will be most significant when the validation countries include those that signed the London Agreement, while those savings can be denied by including validation countries that have German and French as their official language and have not registered (see example 4). If you would like to learn more about the countries of the London vs. Non-London agreement, you can also download our European E-Kit validation or email us. Compared to previous patent translation requirements, the amount of translation for companies seeking patent protection in the aforementioned countries has decreased significantly. Validation accounts for a significant part of the cost of a European patent life cycle, especially when many countries are needed. The filing of tens of thousands of validations per year and the translation of millions of words into each language means that the purchasing power of IP Centrum is enormous.

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