Multi Partner Contribution Agreement

This agreement is part of joint efforts to accelerate the post-cyclone recovery and strengthen the capacity to withstand future disasters in Mozambique. The project`s actions focus on post-cylonization recovery and resilience, with a focus on the following priorities: in addition to the EU, Canada, China, India, Finland, the Netherlands and Norway are additional financial partners. · The recovery mechanism in Mozambique is the result of the long and difficult efforts of the Mozambican Government and its international partners in the wake of the cyclone. The European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) today signed an agreement in Maputo, 22 years old, in which the EU will contribute EUR 34.3 million to the implementation of the Reconstruction Mechanism in Mozambique, a five-year multi-partner fund managed by UNDP in partnership with the Mozambican government. · UNDP`s vision for Mozambique`s cyclone recovery programme focuses on development, governance and resilience. To achieve this vision, UNDP has implemented the $72.2 million recovery facility, a five-year basket fund with several partners, to coordinate and implement short- and long-term restoration activities, while addressing vulnerability and resilience to future disasters. It has three important pillars: (1) helping communities recover from the effects of cyclones and floods and rebuilding their livelihoods, especially women and people with disabilities; (2) rebuilding housing and municipal infrastructure; and (3) the development of national capacity and systems for planning and implementing the recovery and resilience programme. Regarding the agreement, UNDP Resident Representative Francisco Roquette said: “We are very grateful to the European Union for this partnership and the support given to the people of Mozambique, especially those who have suffered the devastating effects of Hurricanes Idai and Kenneth.” The agreement, he added, “provides a solid foundation for the sustainable recovery of Mozambique`s most vulnerable cyclonic communities and will make a huge difference in the lives of the population. These are extraordinary times for the world because of the COVID 19 crisis. UNDP and its partners will do everything in their power to ensure that these and other initiatives also respond to this crisis.

For his part, the EU Ambassador to Mozambique, Antonio Sénchez-Benedito Gaspar, said that this is “an essential contribution to recovery and reconstruction after the damage caused by cyclones IDAI and Kenneth.” In line with the EU`s 2019 commitments, our aim is to better focus on resilient infrastructure and promote economic opportunities for sustainable development in disaster-affected areas. We recognize the persistent needs and high expectations of the communities concerned and are committed to working with partners and the Government of Mozambique to support measures to address these needs. »

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