Chapter 5 Agreement Subject And Verb

In grammar, the difference between the singular (one) and the plural (somewhere from two to a quantity) is a great thing. In this respect, grammar follows real life. When an obstetrician reports an ultrasound, the difference between one thing and more than one question is of considerable interest. In this chapter, I will show you how to recognize the difference between the singular and plural forms of subjects, verbs and pronouns, and explain how they fit together properly. To make a good match, as any online dating service knows, you have to pair up as with like. This is also the case in grammar: with two exceptions (explained in this section), singular subjects are mated with singular verbs and plural subjects with plural verbs – a principle that grammars call consent. First of all, I take you through the basics of the verb-subject agreement. Then I met you with some delicate topics and some misleading questions. O`Reilly members attend live online training as well as books, videos and digital content from more than 200 publishers. Make sure the pronouns match the words on which they refer in number and sex Get English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, with online practice, 3rd Edition now with O`Reilly online learning. . . .

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