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Nationals of European Economic Area Member States who are not nationals of the United Kingdom and Ireland have the right to enter and stay freely in Ireland (and had the same right in the United Kingdom, when he was a member of the EU). You must carry a valid travel document, passport or national identity card in order to enter the CTA and travel between Ireland and the United Kingdom. [88] Workers also have the right to access social benefits on the same basis as citizens of the state where they are employed. The UK Government and Ireland have entered into a bilateral agreement to ensure that these rights are also protected after the UK`s withdrawal from the EU. [89] Minister Shatter said: “The common travel space is an important feature of the close relationship between Ireland and the United Kingdom, which have a common interest in protecting and improving both countries. Prior to the creation of the Irish Free State, British immigration legislation was considered part of the United Kingdom in Ireland. With Ireland`s independence in 1922, the British Home Office was not inclined to introduce passport and immigration controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland, which would have meant patrolling a porous and outdated land border of 499 km. However, if the situation were to continue before 1922, the Irish immigration authorities would have to continue to apply British immigration policy after independence. The Irish Ministry of the Interior was sensitive to the continuation of the status quo and, in February 1923, an informal agreement was reached on this issue: each party would apply the other party`s immigration decisions and the Irish authorities would receive a copy of the British Code of Suspects (or “Black Book”) of non gratae for personal use in the United Kingdom. [14] While passport checks were proposed for travellers between Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, the nature of possible identity checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland was unclear. The result was controversy, with Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom, with a major unionist calling the proposed rules “unbearable and absurd.” [27] The nature of identity checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain has been characterized by the British Government as follows: the Common Travel Area (CTA) is an agreement between the United Kingdom (United Kingdom) and Ireland, which confers on the citizens of these countries a large number of rights.

It implies more than the fundamental right to travel freely between the two countries. “Today`s agreement provides a platform for closer immigration cooperation, including common measures to protect the CTA from abuse by preventing potential offenders from travelling to Ireland and the United Kingdom. Currently, the Irish government advises Irish citizens to travel abroad (including In Great Britain, but not Northern Ireland) with the exception of “green list” countries. [55] However, due to a sharp increase in the number of cases on both sides, the Chief Medical Officers of Ireland and Northern Ireland recommended on 25 September that all but necessary travel across the border be avoided. [56] The withdrawal agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union recognises the common travel space in its protocol for Ireland and Northern Ireland. Article 2 provides for the sustainability of the common travel area. Most carriers allow passengers to travel without a passport within the common travel area, while Irish or British citizens travelling by air require a photo ID card and Ryanair requires all passengers to carry a passport or national identity card. [Citation required] In 2014, a private member`s bill was submitted to the Irish Parliament prohibiting carriers from prescribing a passport to travel within the common travel area, but it was not passed. [97] In October 2015, the Irish government began issuing travel cards corresponding to the size of national identity cards from other EU countries and accepted by all carriers, but issuing a

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