Debt Collection Services Agreement

1. With respect to any accounts that the customer may send from time to time to the Collection Agency, the Agency will exercise the diligence and best efforts it makes to recover these accounts in accordance with this agreement. 10. The Customer may recall an account at any time during this Agreement and the Agency will return it immediately upon request, subject to the conditions set out in paragraph 13. 9. Each party may terminate this agreement without justification by providing thirty (30) days of written notification to the other party and the Agency must provide the client with all accounts (as well as all documents and documents relating to that account). 3. The client pays to the agency and agency is accepted by the Client as compensation for collection benefits in accordance with this agreement, in accordance with the provisions of annex “A” attached. 6. The client undertakes to immediately inform the Agency of all payments and/or agreements received directly with the client`s debtor and the client will make calls from the debtor to the Agency. This agreement will be concluded on the date specified below by the signed client and apex collection services (agency), as the Agency endeavours to recover, as an independent third party, certain “accounts” representing amounts due. 11. The Agency is entitled to a Schedule “A” fee for all collections relating to returned accounts, ninety (90) days after the restitution or termination of this contract.

In the event of an account recall due to a lack of collection efforts by the Agency, the Agency is not entitled to commissions on the amounts the client subsequently collects. 7. All Agency accounts sent to the client are paid to the client, less commissions, as well as a detailed report listing the accounts on which the recoveries were made and the amount of fees due for those collections. These transfers will be made every month. 12. Changes, amendments or amendments to this Agreement are binding on the Client only if they are written and signed by the client`s designated representative. 2. When recovering such accounts, the Agency must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. 5. The client undertakes to compensate the agencies for and against all claims, including reasonable fees, fees and legal fees caused by the client`s act, error or omission. 13. The laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas are considered to be the interpretation, validity and effect of this agreement, as well as any changes to the agreement.

8. All Agency accounts sent to the Agency by the client are held by the Agency in a separate receiver account and are not grouped with other funds or funds until they are transferred to the client.

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