Flight Data Monitoring Pilot Agreement

Note.- The operator may assign the operation of a flight data analysis program to another party, while retaining overall responsibility for maintaining such a program. Swiss49 flight data analysts have extensive experience in crew pilot debriefings in order to maintain the level of safety and live a Leah culture. Trade Air benefits from flight data monitoring services provided by swiss flight data analysts49. Swiss49ers regularly provide the company with safety reports and trends. The Trade Airs upgrades service has already successfully implemented the Flight Operations Quality Assurance FOQA program in accordance with JAR/EU-OPS 1.037, including in-flight data processing for engine condition control. Currently, BA`s ENGINEERING division analyzes 5 gigabytes of flight data from 8 aircraft types daily; Since 1966, more than 5 million flights have been analyzed. All aircraft are equipped with QAR and about 94% of all flight operations are successfully analysed (nearly 100% for new aircraft types). The volume of data will increase to about 10 gigabytes per day over the next few fleet exchange years. In this highly technical era and as we approach the 21st century, it is strange that so few airlines have fully implemented a FOQA program. It is perhaps even stranger that such systems are not yet mandatory, at least in some countries. If we consider some of the difficulties that may explain this reluctance, it must be remembered that in some parts of the world, almost all have been overcome. However, in companies where data is readily available, FOQA will be readily available to parties who would use it for purposes other than aviation safety, namely unsolved regulators, trial parties, criminals and the media.

1.3.5 “Recommendation” – An operator of a helicopter with a certified take-off weight of more than 7,000 kg or a passenger seat configuration greater than 9, and with a flight parameters recorder, should implement and maintain a flight data analysis program as part of its safety management system.

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