Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Price List

The enterprise agreement, which is priced at the number of computers or licensed users, is a three-year contract covering all software licenses and customer system updates. If the contract is terminated, an extension of one or three additional years is granted. While the starting price between Enterprise Agreement and Web Direct will be the same, additional EA factors such as coverage and platform, etc., will always allow the Enterprise Agreement to offer lower prices. A subscription to the enterprise agreement is also based on the EA and offers the possibility of paying licenses for establishments rather than acquiring them. This could bring tax benefits to clients. The price levels are the same as those of the normal EA. Most government customers use Level D and they will see an increase of 4 to 6% for online services. Government customers will also see prices for online services increase by 3-18% via the Open -MPSA programs. Small business agreements can result in significant costs for Microsoft, especially in terms of time that is not always offset by revenue from the sale of licenses. That was a factor in increasing Microsoft`s entry level from 250 to 500 seats, and I think that`s again a factor with this price increase. Many organizations stretched out to get an EA A level, just to get a cheaper price for online services – if that wasn`t really the right program for them. Today, the same organizations could work with a CSP partner that Microsoft benefits from tripling – not only does it remove the overhead of contract creation and management, but it also means that the customer should have a better, more efficient and efficient experience, and this increases the likelihood that they will end up using more Microsoft products/services in the long run. In a three-year contract, the number of desktop computers and qualified users can be adjusted for each anniversary of the contract.

This allows for greater flexibility to meet changing requirements. Use rights are limited and expire when the contract expires. When signing the agreement, the customer must define and communicate to Microsoft the number of desktop computers or qualified users as well as Microsoft Enterprise products or Enterprise Online Services. This information represents the first purchase. Each anniversary is due to a “True Up Order” for additional desktops or qualified users, based on which the total cost for the previous year is calculated. Under a traditional agreement on microsoft Enterprise, the customer is allowed to authorize corporate products individually or as a standard platform.

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